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From as early as the late 1930s, 171 Pineapple Road has been used for all sorts of community activities. There is a history of dances, whist drives, family celebrations and even the sale of flowers grown in the garden.

Since 2020, the centre has undergone an extensive renovation to make it safer, warmer and more accessible than ever and many local people are already making use of the newly restored space.

There is still work to do, but the ground floor is currently available for booking by local groups (especially those who share values around health and wellbeing). Please get in touch if you have an idea ready to share or a booking ready to make...

Ground floor

Capacity: 42 people
Pricing: £25.00 per hour

Due to the current set-up we cannot take multiple room bookings. i.e. When you book one room you have use of the whole ground floor (with the exception of the use of kitchen facilities).
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